Have I mentioned I love shooting film before? If not, I LOVE SHOOTING FILM!! As much as I shoot digital in this day and age, there is something viscerally creative about being in tune with the camera and aware of your surroundings, then having no idea if you were correct until a few days (or sometimes, weeks, months and years in my case) later when you get the developed images back.

I shot this portrait of my sweet baby girl a few months back. She's growing up full of character and inspiring every day! I shot this at @ironsmithcoffee with the ‪#‎pentaxk1000‬ and ‪#‎ilforddelta100‬. Using natural light form the window on a coffee expedition, I got the usual response when I push for a photo, and I couldn't have hoped for a better image.

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P.S. a special thank you goes out to a good friend (E.J.) for the bags of expired film she passed along which were used in this shot.