Buster Brown and I have been collaborating for a number of years now. One thing we both love is travel and adventure. Getting out and away form the world we know and capturing what is thrown at us while being completely immersed in what is "happening". Usually we take a product or two along the way to showcase. It gives us a frame of reference to look through and often takes down paths we might not normally explore.

On this adventure, we grabbed the BOOM Swimmers and tackled the coastline along Oahu's North Shore. With the phrase "Let Hawaii Happen" and the swimmer, we set out to get lost.

As I have shared before, I love this speaker. It's light, portable, loud and bombproof! Easy to clip onto a backpack or a belt loop as you stroll, and you can drop it anywhere (even a tide pool) when your ready to step away from music.

We cruised along the coast and out to a point, spied some surf and hopped in for a quick bodysurf session before hustling back for sound check and the performance that night. NOt bad for a few hours away from the world as we know it.....

Boom Swimmer: http://www.polkboom.com/shop/swimmer/

Buster Brown: http://itsbusterbrown.com/